Glittering Floors, a Beautiful Sight to Behold


You can extend a welcome to Elite Deep Cleaners, LLC. They are an Atlanta, Georgia based company, very well known for their deep cleaning services. They offer several cleaning services like dusting, sweeping, scrubbing, disinfecting and deodorizing. They can leave any environment twinkling clean as well as ready for your working day. This makes them the perfect solution for repurchasing buildings or even for a one time deep clean. This will bring your business and home more safe and efficient than ever before.

Their professional deep cleaning specialist team is available to the customer at all times and they are consistently working on acquiring the best deep cleaning specialists Atlanta has to present. You can be rest assured that they only recruit professionals with prior cleaning experience and having a track record of excellence.

Concrete Floor Cleaning Services

With the affordability, sleek design options and sturdiness, concrete has become a prevalent flooring material inside viable and high security facilities. But have you thought about how to get it clean?

Elite Deep Cleaners’ hard floor division is capable of cleaning any type of concrete and cement floors. Whether it is old or new, outdoor or indoor, they can confidently service your requirements. They use the latest model equipment to clean and remove dirt, grime and residue from concrete floors to restore it back to the previous condition. Their latest equipment gathers all debris, dirt and dust and wet scrubs utilising a minimal amount of chemicals and water, which then provides a brand new look to your floor.

They offer several services to the concrete floors.

–          Power Sweeping

–          High Pressure Cleaning

–          Power Scrubbing

Some of their services include

  1. Dry sweep
  2. Wet scrub


The services can be provided as a one-off or even as an ongoing basis. There is a common myth that chemicals are not required when cleaning concrete floors. In addition, it is true that dirt and debris that make any floor dirty are also found on concrete. Therefore, they only use safe cleaning chemicals so that all safety is maintained!


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